Social networks may be global, but marketing execution is Local.

We specialize in delivering solutions for Social Media platforms which have under developed capabilities for marketers, but do have API access to manage media campaigns & other marketing related functionality.

We believe that

We are living days of unprecedented changes in the way people communicate with each other. Mainly powered by what’s commonly referred to as “Social Media”.
This new era Brings along plenty of new business opportunities, since everything is in a very early stage, and most of this “Social” platforms, lack robust solutions for Advertisers (from hard to use tools, to little features, or non scalable solutions).

Our Solutions.


    Or “TFM” as we call it, is the leading Facebook Apps solution in the region. It allows marketers to set up different activation apps in a few clicks. From sweepstakes to photo contests, cupon distribution, and much more. Desktop & Mobile, we got you covered.


    Is our Social Ads Management and Optimization Platform. It’s a “Social DSP” for this new era of Social Marketing. We offer our technology on both a self service SaaS model, and also as a Managed solution.

  • ADVelopment


    Target your Facebook and Google Campaigns to your actual and potential customers in a new way by integrating your VTEX or Magento store with and start generating Google Customer Match Audiences & Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences automatically, in Real Time.

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